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Novel - The Legend of Futian - The Legend of Futian

Chapter 2526 - Ye Futian's Ambition copy rub

At Jiuyi Celestial Mountain, Ye Futian and Daoist Monk Mu did not arrive at the same time. They were relocating separately.

A Romance of Billy-Goat Hill

“Yes, Palace Lord.” Daoist Monk Mu did not consult inquiries but adopted the transaction readily adequate. He did actually hit the ground operating.

With the Deity Map in hand, if he can find the traditional imperial celestial hill, he would get the chance to make the strongest alchemy basecamp in all the Divine Prefecture, doing Ziwei Segmentum a holy ground for alchemy. Therefore, the Ziwei Segmentum was bound to usher in an execllent transformation.

This was a holiday brimming with rewards.

“That’s where I need G.o.ddess Chiyao’s help,” Ye Futian explained bluntly. “There are a few deficiencies in the Deity Map, and I’m guessing it’s probably as a consequence of some historic or geographic modifications. I would like every guide on the Western Seas Domain from each age group. A lot more precise, the higher quality.”

Now that mayhem abounds, the Ziwei Segmentum, to all its originality, must aim to be even tougher during the encounter of the power of the universe.

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Ye Futian acquired another thing to do. He was standing on an early top, in addition to a mid-older Renhuang was standing up not far away from him. He explained, “Renhuang Ye wants us?”

Before too long, a team of men and women got, as well as the guy within the head was gorgeous beyond information. It was subsequently Xi Chiyao—the G.o.ddess of Western Imperial Palace.

“Yes, Palace Lord.” Daoist Monk Mu didn’t request questions but implemented the order readily plenty of. He appeared to success the earth working.

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“Yes, Palace Lord.” Daoist Monk Mu didn’t question inquiries but implemented the transaction readily enough. He seemed to hit the soil running.

At this time, Ye Futian made an appearance in Jiuyi Community, but Daoist Monk Mu got transformed his ident.i.ty. Ye Futian had instructed him to pick up healing resources for alchemy on Ye Futian’s account and befriend some alchemists.

Ye Futian checked deeply at the other person. This Daoist Monk Mu was extremely cunning and committed. While his sturdiness was inadequate, he was an expert at alchemy and concealment, which made up for your lack. He was definitely a strong individuality. If it wasn’t that they went into Ye Futian by miscalculation, Daoist Monk Mu experienced very good chances in handling this suspense.

On the other hand, the greater ready he observed Daoist Monk Mu to generally be, the more joyful Ye Futian was. This resulted in he could be doing increased contributions for the Ziwei Segmentum.

“Very well.” Ye Futian didn’t say something more and merely nodded. He said, “You are an experienced in disguise and concealment. Comply with me to Jiuyi Celestial Mountain / hill just as before.”

Seeing that chaos abounds, the Ziwei Segmentum, in all its uniqueness, must attempt to be even stronger from the facial area of the many power on the planet.

“Deity Guide is probably not simply a road map, but it usually is the real key to discover the ancient imperial celestial mountain / hill,” Daoist Monk Mu remarked to Ye Futian.

“Very perfectly.” Ye Futian did not say anything at all much more and merely nodded. He said, “You are an expert in conceal and concealment. Observe me to Jiuyi Celestial Hill all over again.”

“How long before G.o.ddess Chiyao becomes here?” Ye Futian asked.

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“Soon. The G.o.ddess has now entered Jiuyi Celestial Mountain / hill, and this will not acquire her long to come to Jiuyi Community,” additional person replied via voice transmitting.

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“Although there have been some clashes between us ahead of, since you now is one among us, you don’t should be so official. It is possible to call me by my title.” Ye Futian waved his hands to put away the Deity Chart, dealing with Daoist Monk Mu as well.

“Aside from that, I am going to also need some medical resources for refining pills, so I must difficulty you along with the few procuring them.” Ye Futian ongoing, “Also, in the past in Jiuyi Metropolis, have you plus the pavilion excel at of Wind Pavilion reach some kind of contract?”

“I understand.” The person nodded, then looked to keep. Ye Futian proceeded to stay cross-legged and started to increase.

Despite the fact that Xi Chiyao had not been there, she seemed to have seen everything together with her personal sight and placed the bits jointly correctly. This potential heir of your Western Imperial Palace clearly possessed more than just skills.

In Chateau Land

He knew well that this pavilion grasp of Wind Pavilion failed to simply let Daoist Monk Mu go so easily for no reason at all. The 2 had communicated through speech transmitting, plus they essential achieved a tacit commitment. Just now, when he rifled through Daoist Monk Mu’s storage, he experienced observed something for that effect, however he failed to specifically search for it. In fact, Daoist Monk Mu’s memory was ma.s.sive, so Ye Futian simply amplified some practical remembrance for removal, the that could be used to make Daoist Monk Mu abide.

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This sort of outdated monster was no gentle creature he was obviously a crafty trickster.

“Meaning, the guide remains a map, nevertheless the Deity Guide itself will also be the key. Not surprising the pavilion expert in the Wind Pavilion went through the hassle of shutting down the complete area to look for and get it. Should it be simply a guide, duplicates could be produced,” Ye Futian whispered. If you have, Li Qingfeng could take action much more quietly without making it this type of big issue in order that everybody recognized over it now.

“Very very well.” Ye Futian did not say anything at all additional and merely nodded. He was quoted saying, “You are an authority in conceal and concealment. Adhere to me to Jiuyi Celestial Hill once more.”

“How long before G.o.ddess Chiyao becomes on this page?” Ye Futian questioned.

Ye Futian glanced at Xi Chiyao but did not refuse it. As an alternative, he asked via sound transmitting, “How you should know?”