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Novel - The Bloodline System - The Bloodline System

Chapter 215 - Assessment Data analyze charge

They didn't need to place themselves to your strenuous task. So that the very last two sub-stages had been more like an evaluation.


"Selection 00126 Is Granted A Wonderful SCORE Inside The Sturdiness SUB-Part!"

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« Performance >> 9.9 »

Evaluation Facts (Exclusive Class):

Different hues of equipment and lighting scanned Gustav from head to toe.

From then on announcement was developed, Gustav discontinued experience the burden on the large cylindrical design bearing down upon him.

« Bloodline Standard >> B »

"I am hoping we will be comrades in the foreseeable future,"

"I hope we can be comrades in the foreseeable future,"

His mother's hands and fingers trembled as she pointed within the tv screen, "Is usually that the same human being I delivered?"


During the family from the Oslovs, Gustav's birth mother and father withstood before the display screen using their mouths wide open up.

Since Gustav got finalized the sub-phases, his review data have been calculated so he could take a look while using badge at any time.

« Weight >> 67kg »

« Weight >> 67kg »

Gustav transferred into the next sub-cycle amidst the cheers and chatters coming from the spectators' chairs.

He retracted his hands and stared at the credit score of Ten forecasted about the wall membrane up in advance.

After a number of seconds, the AI advised Gustav to halt and begin your next sub-part.

Gustav instantly stimulated Sprint as he dashed frontward.

-"He shouldn't be so impressive with only a B-level bloodline,"

Just as the many others, he also found the space before him extending which makes it seem like he hadn't traveled over a number of techniques forwards.

The last sub-part was just his entire body experiencing an inside check.


Glade, Ria, and Teemee all were built with a-grade bloodlines, so they predicted Gustav to get precisely the same.

-"He didn't even convert immediately after lifting as much as thirty thousand fat,"

« Speed >> 9.9 »

Gustav recalled until this was the sub-step where mixedblood level was identified. These people were attempting to scan his system and uncover his bloodline standard.

Fantasyland: Midnight Soul

The details they showcased about his bloodline was distinct from everyone's because they couldn't completely read all his bloodline expertise.

Now that they were verifying for his bloodline class, they are cannot get any one of his bloodlines if he doesn't station it like he have before.

"I am hoping we are able to be comrades in the foreseeable future,"

Nonetheless some parts of his data didn't sound right for them. Primarily where his bloodline information and facts was presented.

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[Sprint continues to be activated]