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Jamnovel MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master txt - Chapter 140 - Rewards (3) book grab -p2


Novel - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 140 - Rewards (3) glib destruction

Noone wished to fulfill each other individuals vision after all this, because there was no reason for going over , that they had to perform as directed , the good news is or the fact is that , that they had started to be slaves with the Ambani corporation when they recognized the large investment opportunities.

She ? The daughter heir of Nakatomi Institution? The first choice on the 1st Level Guild AzureLotus?

Dog : strange ovum (incubating) (52/200)

Rank : Wholesome

It was a really very important subject , along with its benefits had been apparent! ,Rudra got a significant teeth on his experience . Having said that he was not happy yet .... The pain he underwent on the goal necessary him for lots more!!!

Subject : Viscount of Hazelgroove kingdom, Reputable knight , Saviour of Thol village , Revered Medicine Become an expert in , Honorary Bishop from the cathedral of everyday life , Environment well-known , Hier of Augustus Received Knight

/// Glowing admission added bonus for traversing the 700 admission tag

great singers on the art of singing

With taking it permanently gave a +50 advantage for all statistics ( Excluding undetectable stats), consuming it was subsequently similar to earning ten quantities immediately.

With taking it permanently gave a +50 benefit to all statistics ( Excluding concealed stats), drinking it was similar to developing ten amounts at the same time.

Nakul appeared about the home in a freezing gaze , while he sized the seven guild frontrunners relaxing close to him , then he scoffed and shook his head. Then he stated " Start looking , we are all aware your guilds are only trash compared to the Accurate Elites , and will also be trash can untill that guild is available on the empire , your present purpose ought to be targeted at crushing the Elites ".


unassigned stat things :

The Last of the Huggermuggers

Rudra believed his the ears were actually buzzing ... Did the Cardinal just repeat the tear of life?

Nakul said " now we have presented soo much cash for you personally beggars , work with it to engage far more beggars , every single goddamn 3 rd rate and adventurer group of people you can pay for , find them all and place them under arrangement , raise your quantities with a huge border. The Elites individuality could be the exclusivity , even so against 100,000 soldiers even the most powerful 1000 shall autumn".

Products : Pirate Armour establish ( Lv40) , Lich's Band , concealer cover up( not prepared) , retractable protect ( Epic)

It was a very vitally important subject , and its gains were clear! ,Rudra experienced a big look on his deal with . However he was not fulfilled however .... The agony he underwent from the goal necessary him for lots more!!!

1) you might use this chance to get any one piece through the church's storage place

( Meanwhile the alliance assembly )

Products : Pirate Armour set ( Lv40) , Lich's Diamond ring , concealer cover up( not equipped) , retractable cover ( Epic)

Group precise abilities : Knights companion , Knights valor , Glowing Ratio

" Soo by the end i wiped out the teleportation range from your inside soo which the paladin could not run after the child of archangel sariel , nonetheless i bought destroyed by his spells while i am but fragile ". Rudra mentioned pitifully .


Rank : Nutritious

Process notification : Your title Emmisary of your Chapel is improved to Honorary Bishop of your Chapel !

With excellent personal command and restraint PinkLotus mentioned " How does one suggest we do that ? ".

Rudra was in the prayer hallway in the cathedral of existence speaking to Cardinal Lee regarding the specofics from the challenge.

Gamer Title : Shakuni / Augustus Triumphed Knight

Equipment : Pirate Armour establish ( Lv40) , Lich's Ring , concealer mask( not furnished) , retracting defend ( Epic)

Disguised . stats