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Novel - My Youth Began With Him - My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4644 - : Su Yu's Additional Story (94) polite film

He could discover how a mother felt. It must have been challenging on her when her child was approximately for getting betrothed.

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Truth be told, Su Yu wasn’t not familiar with Zhixin or Yang Meirong whatsoever.

“Auntie, it’s later. You fellas should sleep very early.”

Su Yu replied seriously when he drove, “Auntie Yang, don’t worry, I won’t put a finger on Mian throughout my life… Seriously, I won’t. Regardless of whether she doesn’t do well, she is still excellent around my eyeballs.”

Zhixin immediately smiled right after he was quoted saying that.

The red-colored packages were definitely carried last a tote.

“Mhm, I’ll go back the future and package them right before getting all of them to you.”

Yang Meirong’s eyes made reddish colored as she mentioned those words…

Huo Mian got the amount of money to her mother’s room.

“Mom, exactly why are you saying this?” Huo Mian sensed like her mum was wondering past the boundary onward.

“None of which is a problem.”

“None of which is a difficulty.”

Section 4644: Su Yu’s Additional History (94)

“Take it. When compared to my grandmother’s bracelet, this is a smallish amount of money.”

“Then I’ll supply you with another 50.”

Section 4644: Su Yu’s Further Story (94)

In the end, people were already acquainted collectively in the other entire world.

“Auntie, it’s latter. You males should sleep early.”

Huo Mian got out 50 yuan from her wallet. “Here, go consume KFC.”

Honestly, Su Yu’s heart and soul ached upon seeing and hearing Yang Meirong’s ideas.

Su Yu patted Zhixin’s shoulder blades lovingly.

“Mhm, I’ll return tomorrow and pack them well before carrying all of them to you personally.”

Huo Mian smiled at her buddy.

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“Brother Su Yu, you are a regular henpecked man.”

“Mom, what is wrong? Would you nothing like Su Yu?” Huo Mian requested worriedly.

“Brother Su Yu, you are a typical henpecked partner.”

Huo Mian took the funds to her mother’s room.

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“Wow, truly?” Zhixin was energized.

Then he stated farewell to these people with the door.

He was without the purpose of staying on Huo Mian shamelessly.