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Chapter 1621 - № Hamster's goal homely abiding

Melody Shuhang smiled, petting Li Yinzhu’s top of your head. “Good work, Yinzhu. In the future, let’s get an opportunity to hunt those ‘zombies’ to obtain black dragon nature stones and turn on your money. ”

Some days earlier, when Song Shuhang’s metallic manifestation crossed its tribulation, it relied on the ‘magical potential top notch-up device’ so it will be towards the conclusion.

Together with her Fourth Levels intellectual power, it should be no worries for her to go all the way into your 4th Degree part of the Dragon System.

Over the section, the demonic hamster sat go across-legged from the windowpane with its vision shut simply because it meditated.

“That is precisely what I mean to do,” Song Shuhang said. “When Woman Kunna comes above, we will ask her where we will locate some zombies that are compatible with us.”

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Older person Scarlet Heaven Sword stated, “Shall we go and hunt those ‘zombies’? During the process, we will also check out that band of isolated-handled enchanting treasures that gives that you simply familiarized sensation.”

Even so, when Senior citizen Bright white Two found Music Shuhang freeload off Skylark’s demonic tribulation on the Netherworld Realm, taking care of to condense a ‘Demonic Seal’, he suddenly possessed an idea.

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He only essential to supply № Hamster with sufficient wonderful treasures and enough nature rocks to live the demonic tribulation.

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A few moments down the road.

To help make sure that the tribulation proceeded to go easily, Mature White colored Two equipped the demonic hamster with several groups of unique wonderful treasures, supplements, and increase-style approaches.

This became also why she’d welcomed Mr. Music Shuhang being a invitee at her household.

He may make it to ensure that its power would always be for the highest of your Seventh Point.

Girl Kunna acquired only just contemplated ‘stopping’ once the soreness of pregnancy and giving birth acquired previously been shared in their own thoughts. meditation

Also, the attractive male who designed Young lady Kunna fall madly in love in the beginning sight appeared to be about as strong being the dango.

№ Hamster said confidently within its intellect.

In order to make certain that the tribulation gone easily, Elderly Bright Two outfitted the demonic hamster with a number of sets of special wonderful treasures, capsules, and improve-sort strategies.

He can make it such that its energy would continually be on the optimum point on the 7th Stage.

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“Just what went down as i was intoxicated this time around?” she stated in distress.

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Mature Scarlet Paradise Sword mentioned, “Shall we go and search those ‘zombies’? Along the route, we are able to also see that group of far off-handled magical treasures that offers you with a common experience.”

Within the room.


It would not really make it possible for itself to always be remaining behind… It is going to training desperately, and try to progress for the authentic Eighth Level one step before Piece of music Shuhang managed!

When she’d slightly sobered up this point, she located herself on the temple with Mr. Shuhang. And also in her head, there was some peculiar ability to remember fragments that had made an appearance out of nowhere.

However, when Senior citizen Bright white Two discovered Tune Shuhang freeload off from Skylark’s demonic tribulation during the Netherworld World, taking care of to condense a ‘Demonic Seal’, he suddenly had a notion.

These ‘research memories’ have been gradually getting soaked up by her intellect, and become her very own know-how.

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These ‘research memories’ have been gradually remaining assimilated by her thoughts, and changed into her expertise.

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Then, with the ‘Eighth Period Intense Sage Presentation’ he’d ready, № Hamster should certainly easily condense a Demonic Close off on the Fifth Period!

Around the aspect, the demonic hamster sat go across-legged because of the windows featuring its eyeballs closed down since it meditated.

Section 1621: № Hamster’s objective

“Was this a privileged deal with?” Woman Kunna drank the wines from the gla.s.s in one sip. “Hmm, I’ll go and satisfy with Mr. Shuhang. Ought I consult him about Mr. Dango around my memory space?”

Its cultivation world possessed longer hit the highest on the Fourth Stage. If issues had eliminated generally, it could have ascended to the 5th Stage years ago, and in many cases condensed a demonic central with nine behaviour.